Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As this year draws to a close, I hope you can look back and feel satisfied about how your year went.  I know those I meet with have worked hard to remove the roadblocks in their lives whether they’re relationship or marriage issues, resolving past trauma, or overcoming anxiety, panic and depression and are experiencing a more satisfying experience in life.

As we celebrate Christmas, let’s remember that because Jesus came to earth and gave His life for us, there is always hope.  We are not alone or without help in the struggles we have or the brokenness that affects all of us.  I hope you will find reason to rejoice in this and persevere with hope in whatever your situation encompasses.

As we turn the calendar next week to 2016, take some time to think about what you’d like to accomplish in the New Year.  Set some goals for yourself personally and for your family and relationships.  Here’s some brief tips to improve your overall health as you enter the New Year.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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EMDR Utilizes Natural Brain processing

Why do people pace when upset or go for a walk to cool off?  These activities where both sides of our body are utilized are natural stress reducers and activate our brain’s natural processing system.    It is this Bilateral Stimulation that the Eye Movement of EMDR utilizes to process traumatic memories.  Here’s an article that discusses it.

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Your Body and Your Emotional Well -Being

We all recognize that if are bodies are sick with something like the flu, or a cold that it affects our overall sense of well being.  However many discount the fact that our brain is also an organ of our body and it can also get sick.  When our brain is not functioning at 100%, our symptoms often are emotional in nature.  In my experience most people don’t treat these symptoms with the same level of care and attention that they would if the problem was with their stomach or lungs or some other bodily organ. Rather when emotional symptoms such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, or excessive fatigue appear, many respond with self-criticism, “What’s wrong with me”? “Why can’t I pull it together”?  This can prevent seeking the help that is needed to get optimal health restored.  If this sounds like what you’re going through , please take the step to reach out and get some help.

Here’s an interesting link that discusses the importance of sleep to emotional well-being.  Without adequate sleep, none of us feel right or function at optimal levels.

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EMDR truths and Misconceptions

EMDR is generally now known and respected as a mainstream, effective, and efficient therapy for PTSD (big “T” trauma in EMDR-speak) and also for any unresolved past events (small “t” trauma) that are still bothersome, but don’t technically qualify as PTSD.  In case it’s still unfamiliar or an unknown therapy, here’s a link to some common misconceptions about EMDR and the facts.

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Easter, Hope, Sin, Shame

What does the Passion (Easter) week mean to you?  Enjoying spring, getting together with family and friends, chocolate, bunnies and candy?  All of those are enjoyable activities, but it is important to  reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus and what that means for our lives.   Christ gave us not only eternal life,  forgiveness and freedom from sin and shame, but also hope for a new life because he lives.

Ann Voskamp eloquently writes about what Easter really means:

” yeah, you know when you get to feeling like a bit of a mess, like a bit of failure, like you could sometimes close a door & weep for your failures & sins & shortcomings & unspoken brokenness?
And this week, Jesus looks you right in the eye, and He takes that yoke off your back, He takes that weight off your mind, He takes that heaviness off your heart — and He carries it because He wants to carry you…. to carry you right through.
He looks you right in the eye & says, “I did it for love…” (Jn3:16)
He takes your hand & takes that crown of thorns & says, “I did it because I had to take you…” (Jn14:3)
He takes that Cross you’ve been carrying & He lets you walk weightless — *grace is weightless* — and He says, “I did it because I desperately wanted you…” (Ro.5:8)
Who in this world has ever wanted us like He has?”

Good counseling can do a lot to free us up from our burdens, struggles, pain and shame.  However the best therapist cannot come accomplishing anything close to the freedom available in Christ.


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Marriage that Lasts

As we celebrate Valentines day this week, finding love and love that lasts may be on the minds of many.   Here’s an article with much wisdom about the nature of marriage and making a marriage last.

If your marriage is in a tough spot not giving up is certainly key.  Getting help before things get too bad can turn things around.  Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) addresses the foundation of a couple’s relationship and moves the couples bond with each other from one that is shaky to one that is secure.  Research shows that EFT produces lasting and effective change in a relationship.

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