Your Body and Your Emotional Well -Being

We all recognize that if are bodies are sick with something like the flu, or a cold that it affects our overall sense of well being.  However many discount the fact that our brain is also an organ of our body and it can also get sick.  When our brain is not functioning at 100%, our symptoms often are emotional in nature.  In my experience most people don’t treat these symptoms with the same level of care and attention that they would if the problem was with their stomach or lungs or some other bodily organ. Rather when emotional symptoms such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, or excessive fatigue appear, many respond with self-criticism, “What’s wrong with me”? “Why can’t I pull it together”?  This can prevent seeking the help that is needed to get optimal health restored.  If this sounds like what you’re going through , please take the step to reach out and get some help.

Here’s an interesting link that discusses the importance of sleep to emotional well-being.  Without adequate sleep, none of us feel right or function at optimal levels.